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26.04.2018 12:08
Playing old games and shortcuts to hibernate the computer Antworten


i never used VirtualBox before, i made searches with google and i found VirtualBox would be the best solution to my problems. But i still have 2 questions that i couldn't find an answer with google.I'm using Windows XP, and i don't like other Windows or others operating system. I always install XP on every computer i have. The problem is that i can't find XP drivers with the new computers on sale (and that's for the same reason that Dual Boot would not be the solution for me), it's becoming always harder to find XP drivers. Even if i could install XP,, without the video and sound and other drivers, i can't do anything. So i think to emulate XP with VirtualBox on the new computers (currently not purchased the new computer). Seem to be a good permanent fix to my problem.After viewing many video on youtube and searching info online, i found many useful informations. So for now, i only have 2 remaining questions:1. Is it possible to play old video games with a windows XP running through VirtualBox?The old games i want to play are: Warcraft 2, Fate The Traitor Soul, emulators such as EPSXE, project 64, NES games.
Other than that, i don't really play games on the computer, i mostly look at movies with VLC and listen at music, i also convert video and rip CDs. Hopefully VirtualBox would be able to fill my needs about this.
2. Is there a way to have the shortcuts that put in hibernation mode the computer, shut down the computer, and others. Most of the time, when i leave the computer, i usually put it in hibernation (i only restart the computer about one time per month). It's faster and convenient. And i wonder if there's a way to continue this way, or if i would be required to firstly hibernate my virtual XP, and then, to hibernate my real operating system without other possibility? If there's a way to hibernate the whole computer directly from my emulated XP it would be perfect.

Please help.

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