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26.04.2018 12:08
Help me identify old ST game Antworten


Please could anyone offer any assistance in identifying an old game I played on Atari ST. I can't be sure if it was a proper release or perhaps a game from Atari magazine cover disk. My memory is very hazy, but it was something like this.... Top down view, you controlled a small flying ship? around a series of of large rooms. I seem to recall it generally scrolled upwards. You could open sideways scrolling doors by shooting your ships laser at them (or perhaps a switch rather than the door itself) There were also some enemy sprites that followed walls in a clockwise direction. They couldn't be killed, but I seem to recall you could move them onto a different course by opening a door as they were travelling halfway along it, which would cause them to change directing and head to the opposite wall? You needed to heard three of them further up the map into some small sockets in order to open up a door leading to more of the game. I'm sure the game was called xybex, but a Google search showed that this game was nothing like the one I've described above, so obviously it's not called xybex, but perhaps another game similar in name?
Ive searched through all the Atari ST games (all 1749 of them) on Video Games museum, and couldn't find what I'm looking for. Perhaps I missed it, or maybe as mentioned, it was a free game on a cover disk.Sorry about being so vague but I'm desperate to find and play this old game that I remember from 30 years ago. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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