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26.04.2018 12:06
Older PC games on brand-new hardware Antworten


I just collected all my PC games into one place in my house, and realized I have a very wide selection as far as genre AND age. Some of my games are missing (like the very old text-based RPG "Gateway" which came on several floppy diskettes) but all the ones I know of that I've ever owned on CD-ROM or DVD-ROM are here. My goal is to get almost all of them to run on my laptop computer, which is an Asus K53TA-BBR6 running Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.
The laptop has an AMD A6-3400M CPU which is a quadcore 1.4GHz, with its own Radeon 6500M graphics card on-die. The laptop has a second 6600M graphics card, and they run in crossfire for DirectX10 and DirectX11 games. Older games run on whichever you specify - but not in crossfire (there is a way to assign it to the "battery saver" or "high performance" card.) any idea.?

Please help.

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