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10.01.2020 04:33
That kind of quick reaction time and explosive Antworten

For each Redskins game in the 2019 season Dwayne Haskins Jersey White , Andrew York plans to pick three plays and break them down in an effort to highlight individual Redskins players.For the Week Three matchup against the Bears at home, the three plays will focus on an edge rusher, Montez Sweat, the quarterback, Case Keenum, and a safety, Landon Collins.Redskins vs Bears, Week 3 highlights | NFL 2019 on YouTube[00:20] Montez Sweat explodes past the LT, using his long left arm to hold him off while Sweat bends around the edge and pursues the QB to get the sack.These are the plays Sweat was drafted to make and it’s really nice to see him finally making them. Sweat didn’t necessarily show much in the way of pass rush moves on this play, and it seems like he’s still developing those moves, but rather he seemed to explode off the line so quickly that the LT simply couldn’t react fast enough to seal the edge. That’s exactly the speed at OLB we have been missing for years. A better QB than Trubisky would have probably thrown the ball away rather than taking a sack, but it was still a great play by Sweat. I think a big part of his problem the last few games was that the game was too fast for him, but it finally seems to be slowing down.[6:32] Case Keenum throws into triple coverage for a pick when there is an open receiver nearby.This is similar to one of the plays I highlighted last week in which Case threw into triple coverage Wes Martin Jersey , though he was lucky then to avoid the pick. Here, Vernon Davis (85) is a leaking TE at the top of the screen and the intended receiver. Jeremy Sprinkle (87) is lined up on the boundary at the very top of the screen. I don’t know what coverage Case thought he saw, but he clearly decides Davis is going to be his target pre-snap and stares him down, leading to numerous DBs closing in and, of course, an INT. Meanwhile, Sprinkle has no DBs nearby when he starts his route and could have made for an easy first down completion. Also, note at the end of this clip that one of the players to rush in and attempt a tackle on the pick return is Terry McLaurin (17). He ran from the complete opposite side of the field to try to help on this broken play and was almost the first one there.[6:52] Landon Collins does an excellent job here of immediately diagnosing a run play and exploding through the OL to get a TFL.Collins explodes so quickly through the line that Taylor Gabriel (18) at the bottom of the screen isn’t able to react quickly enough to block him. Collins shows good vision finding the hole in the OL as well, all the while keeping his eyes on the ball carrier. movement is really hard to scheme against, and this play could have had a big impact if the rest of the team were keeping it more competitive.Which of these plays do you think is most interesting? Are there any players you would like to see highlighted in the next article? Also, now that we’re several weeks into the regular season, there is enough tape to start breaking down individual players going forward. Let me know if you’d like me to keep making these 3 plays articles, or if you’d prefer to see profiles of individual players based on their play so far this season. We don’t know if Trent Williams is any closer to a return to his team than he was months ago Womens Bryce Love Jersey , on a psychological level.But we at least know he’s closer geographically.Via Les Carpenter of the , the wantaway left tackle is at least in town, as Washington running back Adrian Peterson said Thursday he had talked to him the night before — “In person, so . . . Yeah.”Peterson seemed to regret admitting that, as it brought up a new volley of questions about whether or when Williams might actually rejoin the team — after staying away all offseason and preseason because he was upset with the way the team handled his medical condition.Peterson was asked if he thought that was a sign Williams might be back soon, as former teammate DeAngelo Hall recently suggested.“I don’t know,” Peterson said. “I don’t want to get into all that. It’s Thursday, he won’t be in this week for sure. But that’s not really what we talked about. We just caught up and saw how he was doing and how things are going for him.”Peterson said Williams asked how the team was coming together, and mentioned that he had been working out and was in shape.“He’s doing good,” Peterson said.Which might be more than Washington’s offense can say, depending on how replacement left tackle Donald Penn holds up.

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10.05.2020 14:48
#2 RE: That kind of quick reaction time and explosive Antworten

as former teammate DeAngelo Hall recently suggested.

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25.05.2020 00:02
#3 RE: That kind of quick reaction time and explosive Antworten

Andrew York has already selected three good plays.

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